Press Release

Top-flight Philex interconnects receives top reviews in UK audio-visual magazines

Designed to compete at the affordable top-end of the interconnects market, the THOR range from electrical and electronics manufacturer Philex has continued to attract praise and awards since launching in April this year. This has culminated with the THOR Scart to Scart interconnect recently winning the prestigious WHAT HI-FI BEST BUY AWARD 2002 (HI-FI & AV CABLES SCART UP TO £50).

This is in addition to the 5 stars out of 5 award received in April 2002. "The shielding feels good and solid, but that's nothing compared to the weighty connections at each end…Picture quality is very impressive for the price… Thor does a fine job with scenes with dramatic levels of contrast. Sonically, it's gutsy. The Thor has build and performance that belie its budget pricetag."

High praise indeed, echoed by What Video & TV in July… " Picture quality from both a Sky digibox and DVD player is vastly improved with Thor. Edges are sharper, with considerably less noise and the ultra-rich colours it supplies look like an oil painting against ordinary Scart's watercolours.".

The benefits of the THOR Scart were not lost on What Satellite either… " The cable is finished in a very thick PVC jacket (remarkably flexible) and the plugs are made from solid brass with a stay-shiny gun-metal plating. The shielding - so often the failing of cheaper leads - makes it very hard to introduce interference to the Thor cable. That alone has to be good."

Each THOR interconnect is precision-engineered, featuring the latest materials technology to maximise the performance of home AV equipment. Under the banner of THOR 'ten point technology', each THOR interconnect cable features either oxygen-free or ultra high-grade PCOCC copper conductors for optimal signal transmission. High quality foamed polyethylene dielectrics, together with grounded connectors and multiple copper/aluminium shielding prevent signal distortion. Microscopic attention to detail within the cable combined with a rugged outer PVC jacket ensures long-term durability - supported by THOR's lifetime guarantee. The THOR fibre-optic interconnects come complete with adaptors that allow it to be used for all Mini-plug or Toslink connections.

Not only does each THOR interconnect offer uncompromising AV performance but also has been designed for easy retail, with each product supplied in full colour, heat-sealed packaging clearly showing the selling points, cable construction and benefits.