RF: A Necessary Evil

RF video (Not recommended )

RF connector
  • Labelled as: Coaxial, RF
  • Hardly any players have RF video output
  • Should only be used for older televisions.
  • Only output in mono audio, even on stereo TVs.

In general, avoid RF only connections since this is the least satisfactory method to obtain the best sound and vision from your equipment. On top of that, all but extremely high-frequency radio waves can interact with RF video signals. This interaction can produce a wide range of interference patterns.

If you use only an RF interconnect between your VCR and your TV, you can't get stereo sound when you play tapes, even if your TV and VCR are both stereo. Why? Because VCRs use an RF modulator to convert the sound and picture from the tape up to radio frequencies that work with the RF connection.

In some cases, though, you have no choice but to use RF interconnect, especiaally if you have an older TV set or a small, inexpensive current model, there's a good chance it has only an RF input.

If you do have to run RF interconnect, using a top-quality interconnect like Philex can make a big difference.