THOR ultimate S-VHS interconnect removes digital sampling noise for ultrahigh resolution, incredibly vibrant, natural colour, and enhanced image detail from digital monitors, big-screen TVs, DVD players, DSS, and S-VHS VCRs.

With the advent of high definition digital video sources like DVD that utilise S-VHS, today's reference Home Cinema systems can produce video imaging quality that rivals the commercial cinema. Many of the digital components in a system generate high frequency noise that can degrade Home Cinema performance: blur on the edges of images, random appearance of noise specks in the picture, and loss of colour contrast and detail.

There are two types of high frequency noise:

High frequency digital artefact are generated by the digital output filters of your DVD player and every digital component in your system (including surround sound controllers, line doublers and receivers).
Radiated high frequency noise is produced by the internal clocks of each digital component's microprocessor.
Ordinary S-VHS interconnects, with inferior shielding and construction, are very susceptible to both types of digital noise. These interconnects pick up noise just like an antenna, and the longer the interconnect, the more noise they pick up. S-VHS standard definition specs are twice as demanding as composite video specs. Composite video carries Y&C (luminance and chrominance) signals together through the same conductors while S-VHS interconnects carry Y&C signals separately for improved colour balance and crystal clarity

THOR S-VHS interconnects deliver all the superior video imaging possible from high definition digital video sources and prevent both digital and radiated high frequency digital noise from degrading the performance of your digital video sources. This solves the common problem ordinary S-VHS interconnects have of frequency response deviation, especially between 4-6 MHz.

An ultra-low capacitance design for S-VHS carries the brightness (luminance) and colour (chrominance) parts of the signal separately for truer colour rendition and greater clarity. High efficiency double shielding of 100% foil and 95% copper braid protects against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) greatly reducing the problem of noise. And, precision-machined 24k gold contact S-VHS connectors ensure maximum conductivity, signal transfer and corrosion-resistance.

S-VHS versions of our THOR AV Interconnects are available for DVD players and S-VHS socket equipped video recorders, which offer much higher bandwidth and sharper picture than standard VHS decks. Our super low capacitance design carries the brightness (luminance) and colour (chrominance) parts of the signal separately for truer colour rendition and greater clarity.

Like Philex's other video interconnects, our S-VHS interconnects all feature top-quality shielding to minimize interference. With inferior S-VHS interconnects, the Y and C signals can be thrown out of sync or partially mixed together in runs longer than 25 feet. Our superior interconnect construction lets you safely run our S-VHS interconnect in lengths to suit almost any Home Cinema installation.


S-VHS connectors

  • Heavy mass ground shell made up of 100% brass with hard wearing gun metal coating for more contact mass.
  • Reinforced ground shell for long life. Precision machined to ensure the best possible signal transfer.
  • Heavy-duty strain relief stands up to years of use.