Research and Development

Today's Television Transmission Outstrip Yesterday's Interconnect Technologies
As the signal quality of television transmission continues to increase as a result of technological improvements, the demand for higher quality interconnects to carry these transmissions keeps growing. Unfortunately, traditional video interconnects are not able to do justice to the quality of the signals they are being asked to transfer.

If you're a movie enthusiast wishing to recreate the cinema experience in your home, it's critical that you connect your system with interconnects that optimize your visual experience. THOR AV Interconnects deliver superior resolution, colour and clarity to today's high definition, widescreen, and high performance TVs as well as DVDs and VCRs.

Details, for the Most Realistic Picture
As a leading UK company in interconnect design, Philex has a lot of experience with detail work, particularly in the areas of signal transfer analysis and real-world comparison testing. Videophiles will appreciate the details in our THOR video interconnects, like the solid copper centre conductors in our RF interconnect for strong, low-loss signal transfer. And the multi-strand OFC conductors in our S-VHS interconnects, for improved high frequency control and absolute minimum attenuation.
In the THOR video interconnects, precision 75-ohm heavy-gauge construction results in sharp, high resolution picture, while nitrogen injected dielectric preserve impedance (even when the interconnects are bent around corners) to prevent ghosting and phase delays that disturb picture quality. THOR S-VHS interconnects come with a durable and flexible shield to minimize the harmful effects of outside RF and EM interference. The THOR interconnect outer jacket further ensures reliability, protecting the interconnect from chemicals, abrasions and temperature extremes.
All this video technology means to you is that you'll never have to miss any of the details in your favourite films.

Ultimate Digital Video Performance

Thanks to Philex’s careful use of advanced raw materials and proven method of cable construction, the use of anti-aliasing technology eliminates digital noise from entering the system via the interconnect’s receive end, so you get all the detail and rich, brilliant colour your DVD player and high resolution TV are capable of delivering. This means no more frequency inconsistencies, especially over long runs, so you get the most accurate transmission of the video signal.

Movie-Quality Video Interconnect
Full coverage braid plus 5.0 MHz bonded foil shielding. A necessity for rejecting video noise and interference for greater picture detail.
Ultra-wide bandwidth capacity. For optimum performance with the technologies of today, including baseband video and extended bandwidth interconnect TV - and tomorrow, like High Definition TV and Digital Transmission Systems.
Precision 75-Ohm, heavy gauge construction. THOR video interconnects maintain 75-Ohm impedance throughout to ensure a clear, sharp, high-resolution picture without creating ghosting or phase delays.
High conductivity and low dielectric constant. High purity metals like oxygen-free copper, carefully extruded within the proper dielectrics, are important for accelerated signal transfer and greater phase accuracy, which ensure naturally vivid, accurate colour.
24K gold plated precision connectors. A interconnect is only as good as its connection. Not only do 24K gold plated precision connectors ensure the best video signal transfer for enhanced video performance, they provide a long lasting connection that won't corrode over time or become loose from fatigue.
Durable, flexible interconnect jacket. A high quality interconnect jacket protects its contents from temperature extremes, moisture, etc., yet should be flexible for easy installation.