Many Westinghouse ceiling fans contain our patented InstaLoc™ Technology. This revolutionary installation system makes ceiling fan installation quick, safe and easy. With only 15 parts, as compared to traditional fans that have approximately 60 parts, InstaLoc fans are the first ceiling fans that are easy enough for anyone to put up in minutes. You just connect, twist and lock – then sit back and enjoy the breeze.

Watch HomeTime® television hosts Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl demonstrate how easy it is to install an InstaLoc™ ceiling fan. Click steps below to view video - requires Quicktime Player. also works with Windows Media Player ( sometimes )
(When installing your ceiling fan, follow directions in the instruction manual provided with your ceiling fan.)

Requires Quicktime Player.

The InstaLoc™ ceiling fan has only a few parts and installs in 15 minutes*.
*under normal installation.

A traditional ceiling fan has approximately 60 parts and can take up to two hours to install.


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