These figures are for information only

and show the Lumens output per watt for lamps with luminous efficacy greater than 40 lumens watt. and does not take in to account the power consumed in lighting circuits by lamps and their associated control gear and power factor correction equipment

ProductCodeWeb DescriptionLumen OutputLumens per Watt
LA2D162D Lamp 16w_White105065.6
LA2D282D Lamp 28w_White 4 Pin205073.2
LA2D28/2PIN2D Lamp 28w_White 2 Pin205073.2
LADD1313w 2 / 4 Pin Compact Double Lamp90069.2
LADD1818w 2/ 4 Pin Compact Double Lamp120066.7
LADD2626w 2/ 4 Pin Compact Double Lamp180069.2
LAPL7_7w PL Lamp40057.1
LAPL9_9w PL Lamp60066.7
LAPL1111w PL Lamp90081.8