Flats and maisonettes
1.9 The same principles apply within flats and maisonettes as for houses, while noting that:

the provisions are not intended to be applied to the common parts of blocks of flats and do not include interconnection between installations in separate flats;

b. a flat with accommodation on more than one level (ie a maisonette) should be treated in the same way as a house with more than one storey.

Note: Some student residential accommodation is constructed in the same way as a block of flats. Where groups of students share one flat with its own entrance door, it is appropriate to provide an automatic detection system within each flat. In student flats constructed on the compartmentation principles for flats in Section 9 (B3), the automatic detection system will satisfy the requirements of building regulations if it gives a warning in the flat of fire origin. Where a general evacuation is required, the alarm system should follow the guidance in paragraph 1.30.