After installation switch on mains electricity to all units, and check the following:-

Check that the green mains indicator LED is on and the pendant light (room light) is operational with the light switch.
2. If the green LED is off or the pendant light stays on, check breakers, fuses, wiring etc. Also check installation of transit switches.
3.Check red LED flashes approximately every 40 secs.
4.Press the test button for up to 10 secs. to ensure the sensor chamber, electronics, sounder and the room light stays on (turns on even if light is turned off).
   The red LED should flash while the horn is sounding.
5. Release button and the alarm will stop. Room light will operate normally and unit resumes standby condition.
6.Test interconnected alarms (if applicable) by pressing any test button. All alarms should activate and room lights turn on within 5 secs. of the first horn sounding. Red LED on first unit only will flash approx. once a second. Check all other units similarly.
7. To test the emergency light. Turn off mains power at the distribution board and check that the green LED is extinguished. In daylight, cover dusk/dawn sensor on the unit with palm of hand and the emergency lights will operate. After a few minutes, restore mains supply at distribution board and the emergency light will turn off and green LED will illuminate.

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