Weekly testing: repeat steps 4-6 as indicated opposite.

Yearly Testing: In addition to regular weekly or monthly testing, we recommend testing of the rechargeable backup cells for the smoke alarm every six months as follows:-

Ensure the alarm has been charging for at least 2 days prior to test (i.e. mains electricity was not switched off) .
Turn off mains electricity supply to unit at the distribution board and check green LED is extinguished.
Press the test button and ensure the horn sounds loudly for 15 seconds.
Release the test button and observe the unit carefully for 1 minute. The red LED will flash at least once. The unit must not beep which indicates a low battery.
Turn on the electricity supply at the distribution board only if the test was satisfactory.
If the test fails repeat steps as per "Commissioning" but if the unit continues to fail it may be necessary to replace the unit and it MUST be replaced if the room light is permanently illuminated and cannot be switched off.

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