Inverters 12v dc to 240v ac

4.4 Connections to the 2500W INVERTER Follow the connection sequence described below

STEP 1 - Ensure that the ON/OFF switch on the 2500W INVERTER is in the OFF position. If the power source is a DC power supply, switch it off as well.

STEP 2 - Connect the DC cables to the power input terminals on rear panel of the 2500W INVERTER The Red terminal is positive (+) and the Black terminal is negative (-). Tighten the wire connections securely. (See figure 4).

Figure 4. Connections to the 2500w Inverter

STEP 3 - Connect the cable from the negative (Black) terminal of the 2500W INVERTER to the negative terminal of the power source (Battery or Power Supply). Make a secure connection.