Inverters 12v dc to 240v ac

CAUTION! Loose connectors result in excessive voltage drop and may cause overheated wires and melted insulation.

STEP 4 Before proceeding further, carefully check that the cable you have just attached connects the negative terminal of 2500W INVERTER to the negative output terminal of the power source. Power connections to the 2500W INVERTER must be positive to positive and negative to negative.

CAUTION! Reverse polarity connection (positive to negative) will blow the fuses in the 2500W INVERTER and may permanently damage the 2500W INVERTER. Damage caused by reverse polarity connection is not covered by your warranty.

WARNING! You may observe a spark when you make the following connection since current may flow to charge capacitors in the 2500W INVERTER. Do not make this connection in the presence of flammable fumes. Explosion or fire may result.

STEP 5 Connect the cable from the positive (Red) terminal of the 2500W INVERTER to the positive terminal of the power source. Make a secure connection.

STEP 6 - If you are using a DC power supply as the power source, switch it on. Set the ON/OFF switch on the 2500W INVERTER to the ON position Check the meters and indicators on the front panel of the 2500W INVERTER. The battery voltage indicator should indicate 11 to 14 volts (22-28 volts for 24 volt model), depending on the voltage of the power source. If it does not, check your power source and the connections to the 2500W INVERTER. The other indicators should be off.

STEP 7 - Set the 2500W INVERTER ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. The indicator lights may blink and the internal alarm may sound momentarily. This is normal. Plug in the test load now, but make sure that it is first switched off.

STEP 8 - Set the 2500W INVERTER ON/OFF switch to the ON position and turn the test load on. The 2500W INVERTER should supply power to the load. If it does not, refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual. If you plan to measure the output voltage of the 2500W INVERTER, refer to Section 2.2 of this manual.