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1 In open air applications as the detectors require ceilings to direct the smoke from the plume by convection.
2 Where ceiling heights exceed 10.5m
3 In Rooms where cooking will take place, ie: Kitchens, or similar areas where steam and condensation are present (use Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors only)
4 Where exhaust fumes are present ie: car parks (use Rate of Rise Heat Detectors)
5 Where smoke particles will not be produced by fire
6 Plant Rooms (unless full discussions regarding the room contents and status subject to a fire have been made between client and manufacturer)
7 Boiler and Generator Rooms (use Fixed Heat Detectors)
8 On side walls - this will severely delay the response time of a detector
The above information is only a guide. When designing a system all matters must be considered ie: room type, contents and your country standards (ie: British and European), to determine the type of detector required.