Research and Development

Philex engineers were asked to apply their knowledge of interconnect design in the development of a complete range of high-end AV interconnects that reflected their latest engineering techniques, and would allow the end-user the freedom to combine components regardless of the type of connectors utilized by the various manufacturers. Most importantly they had to maintain state of the art quality while remaining cost effective.

The starting point was to design high performance interconnects for superior connections between high resolution DVD, DVD players, S-VHS, DV and Hi8 video recorders and normal/widescreen TV's, plasma displays, video monitors and projectors.

Quite a feat, considering the our original Q Series audio, video and digital interconnects didn't leave much room for improvement. But Philex is not the kind of company to rest on its considerable laurels. So, befitting our reputation as trend setters in innovative advancements in audio/visual technology, we set about the difficult task of fine-tuning some of our most advanced interconnects to offer the ultimate performance on today's high-end audio and video systems.

The first task was to select the finest materials that could accurately reproduce the various signals across the required operating frequency spectrum, within the average audiophile budget, but respectable enough to compete against leads many times more expensive. The next step was to incorporate the features that makes up a reliable interconnect, and to design out the features that have been proven to give quality problems over a period of time.

In this section of this site, you can learn about the inherent behaviour of all interconnects, the principles behind the design of our THOR AV Interconnects, and some of the factors that influence how we build our products. Here is our formula for building the perfect audio and video interconnectWe have observed that complex "theoretical" interconnect designs often measure and sound poorly. Our design methods reflect our own research, aided by extensive customers feedback.