Panasonic KXT - 624 System - User Manual
Main Topics
Basic Operations
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Important Information
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Before Operating
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Proprietary Telephones
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Making Calls
<Intercom Calling>
Intercom Calling
Calling the Operator (Operator Call)
<Outside Calling>
Outside Calling
Handsfree Operation
Making Emergency Calls (Emergency Call)
<Quick Dialling>
Dialling by Simply Pressing a Button (One-Touch Dialling)
Dialling Using System Speed Dialling (System Speed Dialling)
Dialling Using Personal Speed Dialling (Personal Speed Dialling)
Dialling by Simply Going Off-Hook (Pickup Dialling)
Redialling the Last Number Dialled (Last Number Redial)
Redialling the Saved Number (Saved Number Redial)
<When the Dialled Line is Busy>
Sending a Call Waiting Tone to a Busy Extension
(Busy Extension Signalling)
Making Your Telephone Ring Back Automatically When a Line
Becomes Free (Automatic Callback Busy – Camp-On)
Interrupting an Existing Call (Executive Busy Override)
Denying “Interrupting an Existing Call”
(Executive Busy Override Deny)
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Receiving Calls
Receiving Calls
Handsfree Answerback
<Pick up a Call>
Picking up a Call Ringing at Another Extension (Call Pickup)
During a Conversation
<Placing a Call on Hold>
Placing a Call on Hold (Call Hold)
Placing a Call on Hold Exclusively (Exclusive Hold)
Retrieving a Call on Hold (Call Hold Retrieve)
Placing a Call in System Parking Area (Call Park)
<Transferring Calls>
Transferring a Call to an Extension (Call Transfer – to Extension)
Transferring a Call to an Exchange Line
(Call Transfer – to Exchange Line)
Call Waiting
Call Splitting
Turning the Microphone off (Microphone Mute)
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Before Leaving Your Desk
Forwarding Calls (Call Forwarding)
Locking Your Telephone (Electronic Extension Lockout)
Showing Your Message on the Calling Party’s Display
(Absent Message Capability)
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