Panasonic KXT - 624 System - User Manual
Main Topics
Advanced Operations
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59 to 73
Useful Features
Conference (3-party)
Conference (5-party)
Leaving a Message (Message Waiting)
Calling with Account Codes (Account Code Entry)
Rejecting Incoming Calls (Do Not Disturb-DND)
Calling an Extension which Has Do Not Disturb Set
(Do Not Disturb Override)
Secret Dialling
Alarm Setting (Timed Reminder)
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74 to 89
Useful Features
Time (Day/Night/Lunch) Service
Joining or Leaving a Call Distribution Group (Log-In/Log-Out)
Room Monitor
Data Line Security
Parallel Connection of a Proprietary Telephone and
Single Line Telephone (Parallelled Telephone Connection)
Mixed Extension Dialling
External Feature Access
Self-Extension Number Confirmation
(KX-T7130 only)
Turning the Background Music on (BGM)
Extension Button Confirmation (KX-T7130 only)
Pulse to Tone Conversion
Cancelling Features (Extension Feature Clear)
Alternate Calling — Ring/Voice
Doorphone Call
Door Opener
Voice Mail Integration for KX-TVP100
Calling Using Your Privileges from Another Extension
(Walking COS)
Ringing Pattern Selection
Distinctive Dial Tones
Power Failure Transfer
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