16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.
Table 7.5 - Instructions for electricity supply
  To Connect
1. Before connecting the caravan installation to the mains supply, check that :
a) - the supply available at the caravan pitch supply point is suitable for the caravan installation and appliances, and
b) - the caravan main switch is in the OFF position.
2. Open the cover to the appliance inlet provided at the caravan supply point and insert the connector of the supply flexible cable
3. Raise the cover from the electricity outlet provided on the pitch supply point and insert the plug of the supply cable. The caravan supply flexible cable must be fully uncoiled to avoid damage by overheating.
4. Switch ON at the caravan main switch
5. Check the operation of residual current devices, if any, fitted in the caravan by depressing the test button.
  In case of doubt or if, after carrying out the above procedure the supply does not become available, or if the supply fails, consult the caravan park operator or his agent or a qualified electrician.
  To Disconnect
6. Switch off at the caravan main isolating switch and unplug both ends of the cable.
  Periodical Inspection
  Preferably not less than once every three years and more frequently if the vehicle is used more than normal average mileage for such vehicles, the caravan electrical installation and supply cable should be inspected and tested and a report on its condition obtained as prescribed in BS 7671 (formerly the Regulations for Electrical Installations) published by the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

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Extracted from The Electricians Guide Fifth Edition
by John Whitfield

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