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This page refers to help for using the site and getting the best from it

Please refer to customer services for other information



Search Tips

Placing an Order

Browser Settings


Q. How do I get back to the start?
A. The TLC diamond logo appears on every page. To get back the main index just click on the logo.

Q. Where am I?
A. The title at the top the screen shows you the subcategory that you are looking at and the category that it belongs to.
To go back to the category you came from, click the link at the top of the page.

Q. How can I get more detailed information about a product?
A. In each category every product is shown with its product code. Simply click the product code to take you to a page with more details about the product you are interested in.

Q. How can I see a larger picture?
A. Every photograph on the web site is linked to a larger version.
To see the largest photograph, click on the product code to take you to the products page and then click on the photograph.

Q. What are the items with a red heading shown at the bottom of some pages?
A. Items in red are related products that you may require. For example the batteries you require for a torch.

Q. What are the items with a blue heading?
A. These items belong to our standard stock profile and are available ex stock from all our branches and via the internet.

Q. What are the items with a green heading?
A. These items belong to our extended range
Unlike the other products on this site which are in stock at every branch, Extended Range items are held at selected branches only

Local Branch Delivery / Collection
Any item ordered from The Extended Range can be transferred to a local branch within 1 / 2 days. Please place your order direct with your local branch, or through this site.

Internet / Nation-wide Delivery
Extended range products will be dispatched direct to any Nation-wide address.
Delivery times will vary according to location, but generally most items will be received within 2 days.

Search Tips

If the search does not return what you are looking for, try several words.
For example try "13 amp plugs" instead of just "plugs".

You can also use the search to find a product code. If you misspell the code, the 10 best matches will be shown.

Placing an Order

Main menu / sales or browse
1. Find the product you need
2. Enter the quantity you require.
3. Click OK
Either continue shopping or check / amend what you have ordered so far by clicking "View Your Order" at the top of the page.

If you are unable to complete the order it will be available for you to complete on you next visit ( within 30 days )

If you have a copy of the latest TLC catalogue you can enter product codes directly using the "Express Order Page".
Enter the product code you require along with the quantity and click Add to Order.

When you have added all the products you require to your order, click Proceed to Checkout.

You will then be presented with the following sequence of forms:

1. Customer Details
Your name, address, e-mail and contact numbers.
You will also need to choose a password that can be used for future purchases.
This password along with your e-mail address will allow us to identify you and make future orders hassle free.

2. Delivery Details
Here you can select your preferred method of delivery.
If you live within local distance of two branches, you may also select your preferred branch.

3. Payment Details
Choose from the following payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Card/Paypal
  • Charge to an existing TLC Credit Account
  • Send payment details by phone, fax or post.
  • (If you live within a local branch area you may also choose Payment on Delivery or Collection)

4. Check Your Order Details
You will be shown a summary of your order with delivery and payment options.
If you want to make any changes then use the BACK button on your browser to change any of the previous options.

5. Thank You
Finally you will be shown a thank you message and an e-mail copy of your order will be sent to your address.

Browser Settings

To order from tlc-direct you will need to enable both cookies and JavaScript on your browser.


A cookie is a short string of information that your web browser stores on your computer. Cookies are used to identify you when you return to our website. This allows your shopping basket to be kept separate from other users and enables us to automatically complete some of the forms when you subsequently use them.
The creation of a cookie on your computer does not give the web site any access to other information such as your e-mail address. See privacy policy.


JavaScript is a computer language used by you browser. The JavaScript code used by tlc-direct updates the cookies stored on your computer, changes the look of each page to best suit your browser and checks for any mistakes you may have made when filling in forms.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
In Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can enable cookies from
Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy and set the Privacy Level to Medium.
JavaScript should be active by default. If not then select
Tools -> Internet Options -> Security and set the Security Level to Medium.
This is the default setting recommended by Microsoft.

Enable Cookies Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Enable Cookies Internet Explorer 8

Google Chrome
In Google Chrome, you can enable cookies from
Tools -> Settings -> Content Settings and selecting "Allow local data to be set"
JavaScript should be active by default. If not then select
Tools -> Settings -> Content Settings and selecting "Allow all sites to run JavaScript".

Enable Cookies Google Chrome

In Safari, you can enable cookies from
Tools -> Preferences -> Privacy and ensure "Block Cookies" is not enabled.
JavaScript should be active by default. If not then select
Tools -> Preferences -> Security and select "Enable JavaScript".

Enable Cookies Safari

Mozilla Firefox
In Mozilla Firefox, you can enable cookies from
Tools -> Options -> Privacy and select "Accept cookies from sites"
JavaScript should be active by default. If not then select
Tools -> Options -> Content and select "Enable JavaScript".

Enable Cookies Mozilla Firefox

Browser Problems
We use flash on some parts of this site, and offer a link to down load the flash plug-in
If you do not have flash loaded and do not want to download the plug-in
Please select the Non Flash browser form the Home Page


Another culprit for the old cookies problem.

Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Internet Security can be set to block cookies.
This role should be delegated to the web browser and not a firewall but for some reason Norton have taken it on themselves to mangle to HTTP headers so that cookies are unusable.
It is possible to configure Norton's software to permit cookies.