In-line 5G Filters

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In-line 5G Filters
Why filters are needed and why Labgear filters are ideal for the job

Fact: The UK Digital Switchover was planned to clear frequencies for future technologies between Ch63 – 68.
But in 2008 the standard for 4th/5th Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE800 + 5G LTE700) devices was agreed which used Ch61 and 62.
This has created a very tight space for these new technologies and a higher risk of interference.

Fact: Ofcom estimate that almost 10% of homes (2.4Million) will be affected by interference to their DTT reception
because they are close to a mobile mast carrying 4G and are either:
Receiving DTT on Ch59 or 60 and getting adjacent channel interference (approx 37%)
or they have a UHF amplifier (or 5-wire multi-switch) in their TV system (approx 63%)

Fact: To prevent interference from 4G LTE800 transmitters:
You need a filter with a sharp cross-over from the pass-band to the stop-band
You need a filter with VERY high rejection across the whole 4G/5G LTE700/800 frequency range

Labgear 4G/5G filters have been specifically designed to meet the above requirements.
They pass signals in the 462-694MHz range and reject signals across 703-862MHz range with an average rejection level of -55dB.
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