EZ TAG3 - Weatherproof Access Control Keypad with Proximity Function

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EZ TAG3 - Weatherproof Access Control
Keypad with Proximity Function
EZ-TAG3 is a combined keypad / proximity tag access controller.
Its slim line modern aesthetics and durable construction make it a perfect addition to any access control system.

Users approach the keypad and enter a four digit code or hold a personal proximity tag
within a few inches to activate one of the EZ-TAG3s on board relays.
These relays are used to carry power from a 12vdc power supply to an appropriate door release.
The EZTAG3 can be used to operate two separate locks .
In addition 2 user groups can be setup allowing specific area access.
EZ-TAG3 can also be used as a door bell for visitors.

Programming the system is kept as simple as possible, all functions including
addition and removal of tags is carried out at the keypad itself, the unit is totally self-contained,
no PC or laptop required.

EZ-TAG3 can be installed as a new stand-alone access control system simply by adding a 12vdc power supply and suitable door release
or it can be used to upgrade an existing system to allow entry of pre-authorised visitors such as staff without bothering reception.
In this case the power supply and door release of the existing system is usually suitable for use with the EZ-TAG3
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