Eaziheat Slim Wall Smart Panel 420w Lot 20

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EZ 420SS

Slim Wall Smart Panel 420w
Lot 20
7 Day Programmable Timer and WIFI integration by eWelink, this makes it possible to program 365 days in advance, plus you can set up your whole house by creating a Scene program. (if you have more than 1 unit).
Its programming allows a shared control and can be changed to operate from anywhere in the world. There are many more benefits to this program App, which is available from Apple and Google Play store.

The new design of the Safety cut off and restart now prevents overheating and will automatically resume once the unit has gone below 50C

Eezi-Heat come in a matt white finish which can be painted with emulsion paints only (No oil based)

The panel has a new 3 Layer insulation, that expands with the panel, that not only provides added strength, but assist with the prevention of cracking


EZ420SS Instructions - 1.4Mb .pdf LOT20 Explained - 100kb .pdf
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