GU10 Adjustable Fittings - Blue LED Edge

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Surround is illuminated
by 12 built-In blue LED's
Supplied with LED Driver for above

Surround only appears blue when lit

The 12 Acrylic LED tubes blend in to the Zinc Alloy frame when not lit
GU10 Adjustable Fittings - Blue LED Edge

Brushed Chrome Finish
Semi Recessed

Surround is illuminated by built-In Blue LED's
and can be wired/switched separately for effect lighting and a main light
or together as a single light with a blue mood light

Zinc Alloy & Metal & Acrylic
See product for Lamps and Accessories


Instructions - 70kb pdf
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ML GL8101

240v 35w Round GU10 Adjustable Fitting - Blue LED Edge


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EA 3+



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