Ecopower Plus - Uvc Combi Pond Filter

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Ecopower Plus - Uvc Combi Pond Filter
Ecopower + UVC Combi Pond Filter
The Hozelock Ecopower filters are suitable for ponds 4000/ 6000/1000 litres
and it is easy to disguise when positioned near the pond.
Ecopower filters are the affordable answer for clear and healthy water
in garden ponds when used alongside a compatible pump.
All Ecopower filters contain a UV clarifier.

How the Hozelock Ecopower Filter Works
Water enters the unit and passes close to a UV-lamp, separated from it by a quartz sleeve.
UV light makes algae clump together so it can be caught by the foam.
Water leaves the UV chamber via a spray head, which aerates the water for a high oxygen content.
Solid particles in the water are trapped on a foam sheet.
Almost solids free, the water passes through plastic biomedia where beneficial bacteria cleanse pollutants.
The amount of biomedia contained in the filter increases in proportion to the size of filter / pond.
Clear healthy water then passes up an outlet tube and back into the pond.
See product for Replacement Lamps


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