Hozelock Cyprio - Air Pump

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290mm x 240mm x 200mm.

Weight: 7.50kg.
Hozelock Cyprio - Air Pump

performance reliable air pump
for large fish and Koi ponds
Adding oxygen into a fishpond is very important for fish health,
particularly in densely stocked ponds and in the summer months
when oxygen levels decline.

The pumps can be safely left uncovered outdoors to simplify installation.

The smaller model delivers 45 litres per minute and 35 lpm at a depth of 1m.
The larger model delivers 75 litres per minute at a depth of 1m.

Both models are supplied with 2 x 100mm air stones,
a manifold with 6 outlets and 2 x 10m air tubing (4mm Ø) as standard.

The air stones produce maximum diffusion of the air into the water
and avoids the need for multiple air stones making installation easier.

Additional air stones can be added to provide oxygen to
different areas the pond.

2-year guarantee.

Air stones should not be placed at a depth greater than 2.0M.
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