Easyclear Clearwater & Fountain Pumps

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Easyclear Clearwater & Fountain Pumps
The award winning fully integrated filtration system.

Hozelock Cyprio’s remarkable new EasyClear 4’n1 integrated clearwater fountain
and waterfall pump for ponds of up to 9000 litres
completely demystifies the science of pond-keeping by combining four functions
a clearwater filtration system an ultra-violet clarifier
a fountain and waterfall pump - In a single unit.

Requiring only a single power cable, the EasyClear makes the black art of pond management
refreshingly simple and will appeal to novices and to the untapped mass of small pond owners
who are looking for guaranteed clear water and an attractive fountain and/or cascading waterfall.
See product for Replacement Filters, Replacement Lamps and Accessories


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