Hozelock Pumped Pond Vac

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480 x 195 x 250mm
weight 4.5kg
Hozelock Pumped Pond Vac
The time saving efficient way to clean your pond.

Hozelock Cyprio is a leader in the innovation of aquatic products and for 2008 is introducing a new Pond Vacuum, which saves up to 30% of time when cleaning a pond compared to other pond vacuums.

At the heart of this new concept in pond cleaning is a specially designed pump, which is submersed during use and runs continuously. Most competitors, in contrast, rely on a traditional Pond Vac design, where the pump is sited outside the pond and which can only be operated for less than a minute before the collection chamber becomes full. After which, the contents have to be drained away for disposal, before cleaning can start again.

  • Adjustable handle position for comfortable use
  • Transparent section for viewing waste water
  • Extendable to 2.0m
  • Chopping blades allow the removal of large waste matter
  • Three suction nozzles: wide for large areas, narrow for corners and open for larger pieces of debris
  • Nozzle storage point provided
  • Key features
  • A compact and lightweight, pond vacuum for quickly cleaning and removing waste from ponds with a minimum of effort. Saves up to 30% in cleaning time and has up to 50% greater suction compared with other pond vacuums.


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