Cavity Access Master Kit

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Cavity Access Master Kit

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Cavity Master can also be used to provide access to stop taps. Even plastered walls are accessible. The Cavity Master access hole can be covered with the specially designed plaster plate, before final plastering making the job quick, clean and simple.
Cavity Access Master Kit
The Cavity Master has been borne out of years of lifting and then having to repair or replace particle or chipboard flooring
to gain access to services, then having the time consuming job of repairing the floor usually without success.

  • The Cavity Master is a precision engineered tool manufactured from high quality materials. The blade is easily replaced and the tungsten carbide rebate cutters are good for many years of service.
  • The Cavity Master should only be used in conjunction with a 600W or higher rated drill at a medium to fast speed setting.
    The drill should also feature a side handle.
  • The 2mm rebate should be covered with the purpose designed closure plate and silicone sealant. Alternatives include a ventilation plate or plasterboard mesh, both made to measure the Cavity Master access hole.
  • Hole diameter: 102mm
  • A 2mm rebate retains the strength of the floor.
  • The hole is sealed with the cavity cover plate.
  • Each Kit consists of:-
    1 Cavity Master
    1 Arbour and drill
    5 Cover plates
  • Applications
    Electrical wiring
    Electrical joint boxes
    Stop tap access
    Hot air ducts
    Ventillation outlets
    Computer networking
    Rodent traps
    Small safes
    Shower trap access
    Floor sockets
    Desktop cable outlets
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