Grundfos UPS3 130 circulating pump

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Grundfos UPS3
130 circulating pump
The New UPS3 supersedes the best-selling domestic circulator in the UK

Built on a platform proven in millions of boilers, the new UPS3
combines increased energy efficiency, an easier to wire plug and
on board diagnostics with stalwart features such as ceramic bearings
and shafts, a manual deblocking port and robust start-up functionality.

Plus, clever design means the new UPS3 can be used not only in system
installations but also inside many of the UK’s domestic boilers. Simply scan
the old pump with the new Grundfos GO Replace smartphone app and it will
tell you if the UPS3 is a compatible fit.

That gives you the chance to fix even integrated pump issues
in one visit, saving you time and your customer money.


UPS3 Datasheet 300kb
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