Triton Satellite Range

Triton Satellite Range

The Satellites range offers far more than an ordinary shower.
They work just like a mixer shower in that hot and cold water blend together to give you a
refreshing shower every time, but that is where the similarity ends….

Superbly stylish, modern designs
Provides a powerful flow of water
Easier and quicker to install than most showers
Consistent water temperature for the duration of your shower due to the products exceptional thermostatic control
Easy to use and easy to clean

The Satellites range differs from an ordinary shower in that it uses the latest remote control technology,
which means you can operate your shower in the same way you would your television with a remote control.

Step 1: Choose your wall mounted remote control and Mixing Kit
Step 2: Choose your shower kit
Step 3: or one of our kits

  • Choose from the Satellites range and you escape from the design limitations that you find with ordinary showers. The beauty of the range is that you simply choose the combination of remote control and shower kit that suits you best.
  • Be imaginative about how you lay out your bathroom too. The new technology means that you can place your remote control panel wherever you want, up to 10 metres away from the mixer unit, keeping it clear from water and reducing the need for regular cleaning.
  • What is more, because the Satellites range can simply be attached to the wall with normal screws, you can install your new shower with minimal disruption to your existing tiles or other bathroom decor. So when you want to restyle your shower in the future, simply choose a new remote control panel or shower kit.
  • Whichever combination of remote control and shower kit you choose for your home, you can look forward to a shower that delivers outstanding performance.
  • Thanks to advanced thermostatic technology, for instance, the water temperature is constant even when other appliances - such as dishwasher or a washing machine - are running. There is no risk of accidental scalding as the maximum temperature is easily set to either 43 degrees or 47 degrees centigrade. and should either the cold or hot water supply fail, the shower automatically cuts off preventing a chilly burst of cold water or a scaling burst of hot water.
  • You can set your shower to warm up ready for you to get in. Just choose the warm up setting to start the shower and the water flow will then cut off once your water has reached your chosen temperature to let you know your shower is ready.
  • There are other touches of design finesse to enjoy, such as the ability to reduce your water consumption simply by choosing the economy button on your remote control. There is no need to worry about leaving the shower running or the kids taking too long in the shower either. A timer switch can be set on the remote control so that the shower will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.