200 LED String Lights c/w Timer Control

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SK 5465

SK 5466

200 LED String Lights
c/w Timer Control
Multi-Sequence LED Outdoor String Lights with 24-Hour Auto-Timer
Versatile LED string lights for the festive season, special events and atmospheric evenings all year round.

With 8 selectable sequences and an automatic timer function, these high-quality lights can be tailored to numerous decorative requirements.

From the point of switching on, the lights maintain a 24-hour cycle of 8 hours on then 16 hours off, with static or sequenced programmes, selectable via the inline controller.

The long life, energy efficient LEDs are fitted with concave heads for consistent and uniform brightness at all angles. Ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor use.

8 pre-programmed sequences, including Combined, Waves, Sequential, Slow-Glow, Chasing, Slow-Fade, Twinkle, and Static
24-hour timer: 8 hours on, 16 hours off
5m from mains plug to first LED
Concave-shaped LED heads for broad, consistent coverage


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Extra Long LED Tree Multifunction Lights

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XL 480WW

XL 720WW

Extra Long
LED Multifunction Lights
480 Warm White
720 White
BS IP20 Transformer with 8 Function Memory Controller,

Suitable for Indoor & outdoor use (Transformer Indoor use only)
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Smart WiFi Christmas Lights - 200 LED Lights - RGB

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Smart WiFi Christmas Lights
200 LED Lights - RGB
For outdoor and indoor use, this set of 200 RGB LED lights is perfect for Christmas trees
and decoration. It has a low power consumption, ideal for leaving on during the long and cold winter nights.

The Smart WiFi 200RGB LED Christmas Lights can be fully customised: 16 million
colours, dynamic functions, sound and music rhythm, group and schedule functions available.
Controlled via Magic Home Pro APP or IR remote control, they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • RGB LEDs - Colour changing LEDs can produce up to 16 million colours for a fully customizable experience.
  • Multiple Flash Settings
    20 preset functions, including strobe, fades and jump effects.
  • Fully customise your own functions with the APP.
  • Colour Sampler:
    Use your mobile device camera to sample real world colours and watch your lights mimic their appearance.
  • Group Sync:
    Group together up to 400 multiple light sets on mobile device and synchronise the functions.
  • Timer:
    24/7 customisable timer allows you to select when you want the lights to turn on or off, to change colour or function.
  • Microphone & Music Rhythm function:
    The phone's microphone will capture the surrounding music or sounds (including phone's speakers) and the lights will automatically change with the rhythm.
  • Specifications:
    Input: AC100-240V.
    Output: 24V/DC.
    Power Consumption: 7.5W.
    No. of LEDs: 200 RGB light.
    LED Spacing: 7cm.
    Lead-in Length: 5m.
    Total Length: 14M+5M - 19m.
    IP Rating (String light): IP44.
    IP Rating (adaptor & controller): IP20
    Cable: Black PVC wire.
    With Magic Home Pro WiFi controller/APP and IR remote control.
  • Minimize the APP to play music from any source like Spotify, YouTube, etc.
  • Use APP's Music player to play music from the phone's library and the lights will illuminate with the rhythm of the music.


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