LED Fluorescent Tubes

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LED Fluorescent Tubes
Magnetic ballast compatible (fluorescent fittings fitted with a starter)
LED T8 tubes are an easy replacement to traditional fluorescent tubes.
The simple plug-and-play feature of a ballast compatible LED tube
makes them the best alternative to fluorescent tube lights.

LED tubes are energy efficient, environmentally friendly alternatives to standard fluorescent tubes,
in that they have no mercury content, run cool and emit no UV light.

They are extremely durable, highly efficient with a lamp life of 3 years, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Fluorescent fittings with an Electronic Ballast (No starter)
disconnect and by-pass the HF ballast, as per diagram supplied.

Series modulars (1 x Magnetic ballast and 2 starters per pair of tubes)
disconnect and rewire in parallel, as per diagram supplied

LEDlite high performance LED Tube's are of outstanding performance and quality
and not to be confused with cheaper budget LED's on sale!
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