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Width: 205mm.
Height: 205mm.
Depth: 100m.
(front cover 10mm).

Air Movement
65 litres per second

Max Wattage: 20w
Airflow Slimline Ecoair
6 Inch Extractor Fan
Highly reliable and powerful low energy fan
in a modular design for ease of installation & maintenance.
Aura-eco 150 is designed to provide extraction levels
that comply with the latest Building Regulations ADF.

The Aura range of fans are slim, compact, attractively styled, easy
to wipe clean and ducted over short lengths.
They are the ideal solution for removing damp moist
air, odours and airborne pollutants from toilets and bathrooms.

For use in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens if fitted adjacent to hob.

The fan is manually operated by basic switching (switch not supplied)
and can be recessed into the wall or ceiling.
  • Low energy axial fan.
  • Slim compact styling.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Quiet, 35 dB(A).
  • Low specific fan power. (0.3SFP)
  • Powerful ventilation up to 235m3/hr (65l/s)
  • Low watt motor – 20w
  • Complies with the latest Building Regulations
  • Airflow guarantees the Aura eco-air for 2 years. The guarantees can be upgraded to 3 years upon registering
  • 6" Flat Ducting (optional):
    6 inch Flat Ducting
  • 6" Round Ducting (optional):
    6 inch Round Ducting
  • Building Regulations, Approved Document. (F1) Means of Ventilation, effective 1st April 2006.
  • Toilet /Sanitary accommodation – 6 l/sec (22m3/hr).
  • Bathroom/Shower Room – 15 l/sec (54 m3/hr).
  • Kitchen with cooker hood – 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr).
  • Kitchen without cooker hood – 60 l/sec (216 m3/hr).
  • Utility Room – 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr).
  • Compatible with 150mm ducting.
  • CE, IPX4 rating and double insulated.
  • Note: Above is basic guidance. Please refer to ADF for full Regulations.


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