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Length: 86mm.
Width: 86mm.
Depth: 44mm.

(Assuming the unit is switched OFF, 230VAC is present and battery is charged).
Once the set twilight level is reached (=dark), the Indoor 180 will react only to detected movements and turn ON the relay, thus illuminating the room, until no further movements or sounds are detected and the internal timer elapses.

Once switched ON, each detected movement and/or sound will restart the timer interval thus prolonging the ON-period.

Once the relay is switched OFF, the acoustic sensor remains active for another 8-10sec, to allow the relay to be re-triggered by sounds or noises into ON state within this period.
Combined Motion Detector and Acoustic Sensor
Wall Switch with 180° detection area
Replacements for existing wall switches.

Requires a Neutral wire.

The LUXOMAT® Indoor 180-R occupancy detector designed for flush mounting indoor applications

The 180 utilizes infra red and acoustic sensing technology
to detect the presence and movement of persons
It contains a twilight (lux) sensor a microphone and a timer

The LUXOMAT® Indoor 180 is an automatic switching device
which operates on the principle of infrared technology.
It continuously measures the ambient temperature and the ambient light level and compares it
with the infrared radiation emitted from any moving form which enters its detection zone.
Any differential results in automatic switching, provided the light level is beyond a preset light level.

Contrary to other motion detectors which reacts to moving heat sources only,
with the LUXOMAT® Indoor 180 you will not be left in the dark unless there is no more motion
because through a combination with an acoustic sensor it reacts additionally to noises.

Acoustic function
As long as the acoustic sensor receives noises e.g.
by speech or music the LUXOMAT® Indoor 180 remains switched-on
even when there are no more motions – the light stays on.
Every noise and every motion retriggers the unit again for the period of pre selected time.
Unless there is no more motion and no more noise the LUXOMAT® Indoor 180 switches the light off automatically.

Application examples:
Monitoring of public lavatories, corridors, archive rooms, conference rooms etc.
  • Light sensor, acoustic sensitivity and time are adjustable
  • Installation either at the side of the door or above in a fixing height between 1.10m and 2.20m
  • The detection area can be altered by using the included blinds at the bottom of the detector.
  • Degree of protection: IP20 / Class II / CE.
  • Housing of high grade UV-and shock-resistant Polycarbonate.
  • Power supply: 230 V~ +6 %/-10 %
  • Detection area: semi-circular, 180°
  • Range max. 10m
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +50°C
  • Switching power: 2300W
  • Time settings: 15 sec. - 16 min.
  • Photo electric switch: 5 - 2000 Lux.


BE180R Instructions - 324kb .pdf
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BE 180R

Luxomat Wall PIR Occupancy Switch - 3 Wire