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Control Box Dims:
Length: 165mm.
Width: 24mm.
Height: 24mm.

Bezel Std 45mm Diameter.
Recess Depth: 28mm.

Cut out:
34mm if control box is to be fitted through cutout
Then use larger 45mm bezel - included
Mini Occupancy Detector - White
LUXOMAT® PD9 range
Mini Presence detector

Circular detection area and a switching channel with a powerful relay
for activating high-powered lamps.

In spite of small dimensions it switches
all types of light fixtures using high performance relay
with in rush current limitation especially for electronic ballasts.
Settings of photo electric switch and follow-up time at control box
Control fits through hole for sensor part in ceiling

Typical applications:
offices, conference rooms, hospitals,
galleries, nursery schools and homes
  • The PD9 1C FC can switch 1000w of incandescent load and 500w of fluorescent load.
  • There is no minimum switching, so also ideal for LED lights.
  • Range 10m Ø
  • The detection area can be altered by using the included blinds
  • Connection of sensor and control box by RJ11 lead 450mm included
  • Bezels supplied - 45mm Bezel - White only.
  • Time-settings: 30sec. - 30min.
  • Power consumption: < 1W.
  • Rated: IP20
  • Light values: 10 - 2000Lux.
  • Area of coverage: circular 360°.
  • Detection range
    Seated 2.50m
    Tangential 10m
    Radial 6m
  • Mounting Height: 2 - 3m.


Instructions - 200kb .pdf Catalogue Sheet 230kb .pdf
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Mini Occupancy Detector LUXOMAT® PD9 range - White