Universal Electronic Starter for 4w - 125w Tubes0EFS600

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Universal Electronic Starter
for 4w - 125w Tubes
Universal Electronic Starter for fluorescent fittings
with tubes between 4watts and 125watts
  • Lamp types: Linear fluorescent lamps from 900mm 30W to 2400mm 125W,
  • T8 (26mm) or T12 (38mm) diameter.
  • (Excluding 2400mm 85W and 100W and 1500mm 115W – 140W sun bed lamps)
  • 18W to 36W compact fluorescent lamps with 4 pin 2G11 and G24 bases.
  • 28W and 38W 4 pin 2D lamps with GR 10q bases.
  • Supply voltage: 200-260V ac RMS 50/60 HZ
  • Operating temperature: -30°C + 75°C
  • Preheat: 2.3 seconds nominal at 25°C ambient. Sinusoidal
  • H>V> pulsing: Single pulse (1300V nominal) when striking healthy lamp in normal room ambience.
  • Starter will supply additional pulses if lamp fails to conduct on first pulse (e.g. in extremes of temperature, or in worn lamp situations).
  • Safety Shutdown: Within 3 seconds at 25°C ambient.


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Universal Electronic Starter for 4w - 125w Tubes