6 Inch Automatic Humidity Extractor Fan5020953550730WF150AH

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Air Movement:
40.0 dBA.
2400 rpm.


203mm x 203mm.
23mm External.
95mm Internally.

Power Consumption:
Max 17 watts.
6 Inch Automatic Humidity Extractor Fan
Activated by room humidity level with over-ride

Operates when the moisture content in a room rises above 65%.

Futuristic design coupled with quiet and efficient air extraction of up to 220m3hr.

Exceptionally easy installation in either a window or wall.

WF150AH Timer & Humidity fan with speed control.

Operate by integral pull cord or remote switch.

This fan is designed to continue running after the fan has
been switched off for a period of approx 20 minutes or until the humidity level is reached.

The integral timer has been pre-set for approx 20 minutes but can be adjusted.
  • A completely weatherproof installation is ensured by the automatic shutters which open and close as the fan is switched on or off by the integral pullcord switch or activated by the room humidity.
  • for wall fixing use (BGWK6) wall kit
  • Noise 40dB (A).
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • 71/4“ 184mmØ hole size
  • Fan speed 2400rpm.
  • Complete with 1.5m of 5 amp 2 core cable pre wired for a fast electrical connection.
  • Consumption 45W.
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