10mm F Board Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm per sheet5060002017883F Board 10

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Total area covered
per board - 0.72m²
F Board - Tile Backer
1200mm x 600mm x 10mm
F board. This goes where the sub floor is concrete so ECK or EHM is to be used.
The floor ‘build up’ is typically concrete sub floor,
F board
EHM or ECK, Warm Tile Kits
Tile setting bed the floor tile.

F board is constructed from an extruded polystyrene core covered on both sides
by a glass fibre mesh in a cement skin.

The high thermal resistance of the this product prevents heat losses to the sub-floor
thus keeping comfort levels and response high whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

F Board ( tile backer board)
As the effectiveness of insulation increases with thickness,
F-Board-10 should be selected where maximum economy is required
and additional floor build-up is acceptable.
  • Application
    F-Board Tile Backer Boards should be used with BN Thermic EHM & ECK electric underfloor heating systems.
  • Installed directly on to the sub-floor and immediately beneath the tiles themselves, they provide exceptional thermal insulation with a minimal 6mm increase in floor height.
  • The boards can be installed onto wooden or concrete sub-floors and will significantly reduce the running costs of an underfloor heating system.
  • Features
    Full resistance to moisture absorption
  • Unique combination of low profile, strength and thermal efficiency
  • Lightweight and easily cut to shape
  • Easily fixed in place using standard tile adhesive


BN FB Instructions 100kb pdf
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10mm F Board Tile Backer Board 1200x600mm per sheet