Optional IP65 Remote Sensor for T16 Thermostats5060002016596T16R

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80mm x 80mm x 28mm.
Optional IP65 Remote Sensor
for T16 Thermostats
The T16R is a surface-mount wall sensor for use with BN Thermic’s T16C touch screen thermostats.
The sensor is supplied complete with a 3m lead and is rated IP65 making it suitable for installation in damp areas.

The most common application for the T16R is when a touch screen thermostat
is controlling underfloor heating in a bathroom.
In these circumstances the T16C thermostat is generally installed immediately outside the bathroom.

The T16C is supplied with a floor sensor which must be installed under the bathroom floor
and connected to the terminal block on the rear of the thermostat.

The additional use of the T16R sensor allows the thermostat to monitor the air temperature within the bathroom.
When a T16R sensor is wired to a T16C, the thermostats built-in air sensor is bypassed.
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Optional IP65 Remote Sensor for T16 Thermostats