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13 Amp RCD Adaptor
This stylishly designed, easy to operate PowerBreaker RCD Safety Adaptor conforms to BS 7071
and gives added protection against electrocution when used with electrical appliances and equipment.

This is a portable 13 amp adaptor which provides double pole protection from earth leakage current,
and simply plugs into any standard 13A socket.

An essential safety accessory for the tool box, you can always ensure you benefit from RCD protection
especially when operating your portable appliance on unfamiliar circuits.

Ideal applications include; lawnmowers, power tools, irons, kettles, hedge trimmers
and virtually any portable electrical appliance.

In the event of a power failure, the no volt drop out feature prevents unexpected start up.

Portable, can be used in various locations as the need arises.
  • Conforms to BS7071
  • Suitable for use with electrical household appliances and power tools
  • Easy to operate and test
  • No wiring
  • Fits a standard 13 amp BS1363 socket outlet
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