6 Amp 1 Way Ceiling Pull Cord Switch50173990059862041

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68.5mm dia x 42.5mm.
Ceiling Pull Cord Switch
6 Amp 1 Way
Capital Power and Control Accessories by Crabtree
are fully design co-ordinated to offer consistent styling and
inherent safety features across a broad range of applications.

The range of socket outlets, fused connection units and switches is complimented
by products which cater for specific applications such as cooker control units,
shaver units, fan control switches and shower control switches.
  • Integral pattress for surface mounting
  • Suitable for mini-trunking
  • Supplied with back box and 1.5m pull cord
  • Fully rated for fluorescent and inductive loads.
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CB 2041

6 Amp 1 Way Ceiling Pull Cord Switch