Creda TPRIIIE 1.5Kw Electronic Panel Heater c/w Timer - Lot 20501113909081290812

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TPR100E Shown

Height: 430mm.
Width: 690mm.
Depth: 108mm.
1.5Kw Electronic Panel Heater c/w Timer
Lot 20
The Creda TPRIIIE Electronic Controlled Lot 20 Compliant Panel Heater with electronic thermostat control and integral seven-day timer. The TPRIIIE Panel Heater has open window detection and adaptive-start technology. The TPRIIIE panel heater features the CapSense controller, providing a more intuitive user experience with its backlit LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons.

The Creda TPRIIIE Panel Heaters have Adaptive Start which pre-heats the room ahead of a programmed heating schedule for only exactly the amount of time required to meet the desired target temperature at the desired time.

Open Window detection monitors the room temperature while the heater attempts to achieve a desired room temperature. If the room temperature does not change or decreases while heat is being emitted, the product will stop heating and enter a standby mode in order to not waste energy.
  • Front facing grille for efficient heat projection.
  • Electronic thermostatic control +/-0.3°C, with silent operation.
  • Pre-set background temperature at 5°C below thermostat setting (when connected to a programming unit supporting setback feature).
  • Hidden thermostat range limiter feature - for additional economy.
  • Simple detachable wall bracket for easy installation.
  • LOT20 Compliant.


LOT20 Explained - 100kb .pdf Datasheet - 476kb pdf Instructions - 316kb pdf
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Creda TPRIIIE 1.5Kw Electronic Panel Heater c/w Timer - Lot 20 New