Kasp Security Chain 6 x 850mm5013969246339K4506L85A

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Shown with CKK14550D Lock

Shown with CKK14550D Lock

Link Internals: 38x15mm.
Security Chain 6x850mm
Kasp Security Rating: 5 (Rating scale 1-15)
  • Woven fabric sleeve - protects paintwork from accidental damage.
  • Square section chain - Extra resistance against bolt cutter attacks.
  • Hardened boron steel links - Extra protection against hacksaw & cropping attacks.
  • Induction welded links - Resists pull and torsion attack.
  • Fully galvanised finish - Protection against corrosion.
  • All 10mm chains feature an extended last link for convenient through locking.
  • Padlock/Chain combinations available.
  • 10 year guarantee
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CK K4506L85A

Kasp Security Chain 6 x 850mm