4 Way Metal Consumer Unit - 80 Amp 30mA RCD - Discontinued

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4 Way Metal Consumer Unit - 80 Amp 30mA RCD0M4/80N

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Supplied less MCB's
Height: 215mm
Width: 194mm
Depth: 114mm (inc. window)

Top & Bottom:
1 X 32mm, 3 X 20mm.
4 Way Metalclad Board with 80 Amp 30mA RCD
4 way Metalclad Board with 100 Amp RCCB:
Double pole 80A 30mA sensitivity RCCB controlling all ways.

This unit provides essential RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) protection for the board, this precision device provides protection against electrocution from earth faults. This protects human life.

The unit makes installation easy with extra generous space between the terminal bars and MCBs.
  • RCD: terminal capacity 35mm2
  • MCBs (bought separately) have a terminal capacity of 25mm2 and the terminal bars 16mm2.
  • MCBs are secured by a full din rail and the MCBs are removable from the run of busbar.


Instructions - 198kb pdf
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CM M4/80N

4 Way Metal Consumer Unit - 80 Amp 30mA RCD