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ADSL Micro Filter
What is the difference between a passive and an active Microfilter ?
A passive Microfilter does not actively filter and only does so when a signal is being sent down the line,
Active Microfilters have more circuitry and filter all the time.
Active Microfilters tend to be more expensive and allow for more devices to be connected at any one time.
The only BT approved Microfilters are active filters
  • High quality splitter / filter for ADSL lines up to 5km from exchange
  • Acts as a barrier between voice and data frequencies, preventing any conflicts and maintaining voice/data integrity
  • Works with all BT Sockets designed for UK telephone/ADSL
  • Ideal for ADSL broadband self installations
  • Works with telephones, fax machines, digiboxes etc.
  • Does not interfere with Caller ID
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CX 109R

ADSL Micro Filter