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2 part kit with LAN tester and separate POE checker
Test Pin Out status on RJ45 structured wiring systems
Determine presence of live Ethernet cabling
Structured Wiring Cable Tester
with separate Power-Over-Ethernet Checker
Detects POE Midspan / Endspan and Pin out 1235/4578 or 4 pair
POE checker can be used on Equipment designed for use on the 802.3af/803.3at or the draught “BT” Standards.
The LAN tester will locate short circuit , open circuit and wrong connection using the attached remote.
Has two speeds for testing.
Also included is a POE checker which was developed with the advent of the huge increase of Power-over-Ethernet and the need for Engineers to ascertain the presence of live Ethernet Cabling in buildings at the RJ45 Port or Wall Socket.
Comes with detachable RJ45 lead.
  • What is the device used for?
    This compact network testing kit with added power over Ethernet checker can determine which Ethernet sockets have power running through them. It can also be used as a pin-out tester, which allows you to test any homemade RJ45 and RJ11 cables to ensure the pins are correctly wired together.
  • Requires one 9v PP3 battery (not included)
  • How do I know it if is working?
    On top on the checker are two LEDs, which are the end-span and mid-span indicators. If voltage is detected on pins 1, 2, 3 or 6 the end-span light will illuminate. If voltage is detected on pins 4, 5, 7 or 8 the mid-span light will illuminate.
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