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2 way Audio Door Entry
with Coded Keypad Access - Surface
CS106 Series Combined audio door entry and coded access

It is often a requirement for a door entry system to include the facility of a coded access system.
This allows residents, tenants or staff the means to enter to the building
by the operation of an integral keypad at the main entrance panel.

The CS106 are combined door entry and coded access systems maintain
all the features of the standard 900 series door entry systems
but also include a standalone keypad on the panel.

The keypad may be programmed with up to ten unique access codes.
If a valid code is entered on the keypad, the lock release will operate for a preset duration.
The keypad has one green LED and one red LED to indicate the system status to the user:
the green LED indicates that the lock release is operating, whilst the red LED indicates an invalid entry.

There are ten user access codes and a wide range of programmable functions.
The keypad has both fail secure and fail safe lock outputs and an exit facility when connected to a remote push-button.
Other programmable features include lock duration and lock delay time.

The access and user programs are stored in a protected non-volatile EEPROM memory
and all programmed features are retained indefinitely without power.
  • Standard combined system – CS106 series
  • Each systems comprise of:
    model 801 wall mounting telephones.
    model CP106 aluminium door panel with integral keypad module.
    model 61 speech unit.
    model 340C power supply.
    model 203 surface lock release.
    full installation and programming instructions.


Manual 890kb pdf Catalogue 201kb pdf Programming 88kb pdf Wiring 680kb pdf
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2 way Audio Door Entry with Coded Keypad Access