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The CSP series are combined door entry and coded access
systems utilising the exclusive Paxton standalone compact

1 Way Panel Shown
1 Way
Audio Door Entry & Proximity Access System
CSP series combined audio door entry with proximity
It is common for a door entry telephone system to be combined
with a proximity access system for the benefit of residents, tenants or staff.

These panels offer a contemporary and attractive style.
They are manufactured from 3 mm brushed anodised aluminium with an integral grill protecting the secured speech unit.
A single push-button with integral nameplate is provided for each station.
The nameplate can easily be removed from the front for replacement or amendment.

As standard, the panels are supplied with a low-profile surface-mounting box moulded in metallic slate
and the panel is fixed to it with vandal resistant screws (a 1/4“ hex screwdriver bit is supplied with each panel.

Alternatively, the panels can be supplied with a flush-fitting zintec back box and vandal resistant bolts.

Panels should be sited in a position that is protected from adverse weather conditions.
The largest available panel has 7 buttons and thereafter the vandal resistant style becomes standard.
  • These systems are conveniently packaged with all necessary components to complete an installation including a starter pack of keyfobs.
  • Additional packs of keyfobs can be purchased to the required number - 10,000 keyfob capacity.
  • A CSP series system comprises of;
    Standard wall mounting telephones
    Aluminium door entry panel with compact proximity reader
    (Panels above 7 buttons are vandal resistant stainless steel)
    Speech unit
    12V DC power supply
    Surface lock release
    Starter keyfob pack (includes an ‘enrolment’ card, a ‘fail-open’ card and 3 user keyfobs & shadow cards)
    Full installation and programming instructions
  • The proximity system is the ideal access control solution in situations where no central programming or reporting is required. Validating and voiding of users is achieved with a unique shadow card system, and all system programming is performed with the easy to use function cards.
  • All packaged systems include a starter pack of key-fobs and additional key-fobs can be purchased to the required number.
  • The lock output is fail-secure as a default with a timed lock output set at 5 seconds. Alternatively, the fail-open card (included in the starter key-fob pack) can be used to change the lock output to operate a fail-safe lock mechanism.


CSP Catalogue 270kb pdf CSP Manual 700kb pdf CSP Wiring 700kb pdf
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1 Way Audio Door Entry & Proximity Access System