1 Way Vandal Resistant Audio Door Entry & Proximity Access System0CSP-1/VR

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The CSP series are combined door entry and coded access
systems utilising the exclusive Paxton standalone compact

1 Way Panel Shown
1 Way
Vandal Resistant
Audio Door Entry & Proximity Access System
CSP series combined audio door entry with proximity
It is common for a door entry telephone system to be combined
with a proximity access system for the benefit of residents, tenants or staff.

CSP Vandal Resistant Front Door Panels (any size)
The vandal resistant panels are manufactured from 2.5 mm 316 marine grade stainless steel.
Panels are flush mounted and fixed to the back-box by tamper proof bolts (a special key is required to remove the panel).

Optionally, the panels can be supplied with stainless steel housing for surface mounting.

A single IP68 stainless steel vandal resistant button is provided
for each flat and the option of one for Tradesmen.

Each panel is custom engraved to client's specifications.
The engraving of flat numbers is included in the price of each system.
Further engraving (e.g. Block names) can be included for a modest surcharge

Please allow 2/3 days delivery for engraving

Panels should be sited in a position that is protected from adverse weather conditions.
  • These systems are conveniently packaged with all necessary components to complete an installation including a starter pack of keyfobs.
  • A CSP series system comprises of;
    Standard wall mounting telephones
    Aluminium door entry panel with compact proximity reader
    (Panels above 7 buttons are vandal resistant stainless steel)
    Speech unit
    12V DC power supply
    Flush mounting box
    Surface lock release
    Starter keyfob pack (includes an ‘enrolment’ card, a ‘fail-open’ card and 3 user keyfobs & shadow cards)
    Full installation and programming instructions
  • Additional packs of keyfobs can be purchased to the required number - 10,000 keyfob capacity.
  • The proximity system is the ideal access control solution in situations where no central programming or reporting is required. Validating and voiding of users is achieved with a unique shadow card system, and all system programming is performed with the easy to use function cards.
  • All packaged systems include a starter pack of key-fobs and additional key-fobs can be purchased to the required number.
  • The lock output is fail-secure as a default with a timed lock output set at 5 seconds. Alternatively, the fail-open card (included in the starter key-fob pack) can be used to change the lock output to operate a fail-safe lock mechanism.


CSP Catalogue 270kb pdf CSP Manual 700kb pdf CSP Wiring 700kb pdf
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1 Way Vandal Resistant Audio Door Entry & Proximity Access System