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Additional - Portable Handset with Base
Indoor Handset / Base c/w Power Supply
  • Maximum of 4 can be used with each kit
  • Clean, elegant design
  • Soft colours for perfect fitting into any interior
  • Easy-to-use looks: only 2 keys are visible, the line key and the side gate control key
  • Handset can be customized to 6 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, English.
  • Full duplex communication
  • The screen is back lighted during a call and when a key is pressed.
  • The names of every entrance, control or handset can be customized
  • ID of the calling handset or gate by a number and name.
  • Base unit & power supply:
  • Mains charger base with low volt ac power cord to 230 VAC plug-in charger
  • Communication between handsets possible
  • Permits 2-way speech with a Controller, plus commands for:
    1 electromagnetic door or gate release,
    1 powered gate control,
    1 courtesy light (requires SA706AX or SA707AX receiver).
  • 9 different ringtones
  • A different ringtone can be assigned to every gate or calling handset.
  • Ringtone volume, volume during calls and on caller unit can be adjusted
  • Easier setup with fast radio link between handset and controller.
  • About 20 parameters available for customizing the handset (languages, ringtones, volume of ringtone…)
  • 8 character screen and 6-key mobile phone-like navigation pad (up, down, right, left, OK, cancel) for easy handset configuration
  • Controller is configured using the handset
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Additional - Portable Handset with Base - Rechargeable