Time Lag Switch 2 wire 1-10 minutes Illuminated0TLSW10ILM NOCAP

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Supplied without CAPLOAD
Time Lag Switch 2 wire 1-10 minutes
Direct replacements for existing wall switches.
No neutral wire is needed.
Hence they are very quick and inexpensive to install.

The TLSW 10 ILM has an illuminated push button
for easy location in the dark.
The button is see-through with a yellow illumination
when the load is on the button stops being illuminated

These electronic Time lag switches are designed to switch lights, or other
loads, on for a limited time only, and to switch off automatically after a time lag has elapsed.

They bring energy saving benefits and are ideal for use in
stairwells, store rooms and in many other applications.

These time lag switches can be used for multi-way switching, using the slave range
  • Adjustable time lag
    from 1 to 10 minutes. (factory preset to approx. 5 minutes).
  • Maximum load: 6 amps (1500W) of any type of load (including fluorescent lights and fans)
  • Minimum load: 40W,
    or for wiring in parallel 40W per time lag switch in the circuit.
  • No neutral wire needed
  • Load capacitors (DN CAPLOAD not included) can be supplied to augment small loads (low energy lamps)
  • Detailed Spec below


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Time Lag Switch 2 wire 1-10 minutes Illuminated