4 Station Door Entry Kit Surface (Discontinued)

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4 Station Door Entry Kit Surface001004N

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Each kit contains the following equipment:

Door panel (silver anodised aluminium)
Amplifier speech unit
Back Box
Telephone handsets (wall mount)
Surface fitting Yale lock release
Power supply transformer 12 vac

NOTE: The lock release cable should never be run into the door panel.
4 Station Door Entry Kit - Surface
Alpha Audio Door Entry
The Alpha range is our standard but extremely successful range of audio door entry systems that has now been extended to provide equipment in kit form for up to 32 flats, with surface or flush door panels, with or without a tradesman’s facility. All Alpha range systems can be run either AC or DC and are therefore ideal for battery back up, interfacing with other equipment or extending with additional telephone handsets, extension sounders, flashing strobe lights, multi-entrance switching units, Alpha-LS apartment stations etc.

The standard Alpha audio door entry system (common speech) operates on 4 common wires plus one individual ringing wire per flat with Alpha-PS audio door entry systems (private speech), needed 6 common wires and one individual ringing wire per flat.
  • NOTE: We would always recommend that 8 wire cable is used on all systems to allow upgrades to private speech or loud speaking and to make use of all add on features. Use 8 wire cable if the telephone handsets are individually wired back to a junction box and then onto the front panel via a multi-core cable. If it is more convenient to loop the cable from flat to flat on smaller systems the following cable may be used.
  • 1 flat system - 8 wire
  • 2-6 flat system - 12 wire
  • A 12 wire cable is the largest recommended size cable to be used for the loop-in method as the ringing wire connections have to be made in each unit. Whichever method of wiring is used the cable should be broken through a junction box at the front entrance and the lock release cable connected at the junction box behind the secure door.


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4 Station Door Entry Kit Surface